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The Model T Ford car became a platform product with numerous body styles. Henry Ford reigned in his sales people when they started talking about customers whims and Ford famously remarked ” Any customer can have a car painted any colour…so long as it is black”.

New Plymouth is launching three staple items as our platform products and we want them to fit well, feel great and last a long time. They’re being handmade in Plymouth and we’ve picked dark Navy cotton twill as the colour for two items – the women’s boiler suit and mens jacket. Our UK supplier of cotton has given us an amazing heavy weight weather proof fabric perfect for a British workwear brand. We added white thread to the triple stitched seams. You might find a new pocket added in the future or black twill for a change, for now it’s classic dark Navy for these two items with the mens trousers in black cotton twill.

Henry Ford also said

“It is strange how, just as soon as an article becomes successful, somebody starts to think that it would be more successful if only it were different. There is a tendency to start monkeying with styles and to spoil a good thing by changing it.”

We’re not monkeying around! We want our three items to be a uniform for people who lead colourful lives. We wanted these staple items to be weather proof so for all the nerds out there here are some specs – the fabric weighs 300 gm/m2 and is fluorocarbon proofed as well as being machine washable. The right combination of ingredients that only makes a subtle change to look and feel of the cotton and keeps you warm and dry if the heavens open.

There are a few sources of inspiration for starting this business, mostly it was peoples lives and their stories that inspired us. It is the things we’re passionate about that makes our lives colourful and 2020 has to be the year to follow your passion.


A manikin wearing a New Plymouth boiler suite