by | Jul 27, 2020 | Updates

Disruption. This was a massive word leading up to the year 2020 as a few mavericks tried to change the way people do business or change their daily routines. A few names that spring to mind are the climate activist Greta Thunberg and Adam Neumann and Miguel McKelvey of We Work that popularised the coworking trend.

When we hit 2020 disruption was forced upon us, we slammed on the brakes and have stopped doing things the same way. Our busy lives that only allowed for (anti) social media blasts have swapped with a welcome return to street protests – we now have time to think and make banners.

To improve the state of the world, the World Economic Forum has started The Great Reset initiative. We agree with the WEF that our system of education and economy needs a reset and the economics of the fashion industry is high up the list for change. In our own small way, New Plymouth is taking part in resetting the fashion industry.

New Plymouth has three cotton twill items currently being tested for sustainability, durability and comfort – a boiler suit for women (see pics below) and a jacket and trouser for men. We will only ever sell these three staple items along with our ethical basics available here – we turn our back on the unsustainable fashion industry and will not engage in seasonal collections, multiple colour options, throw away accessories, slave labour wages and catwalk shows. What this means is our handmade items will be reassuringly more expensive than what everyone else is wearing from the “high street”!

Got to go now, we’re getting ready to support the street protest today to protect the theatre industry in Plymouth.