by | Jul 28, 2021 | Updates

New Plymouth launched in 2020 after a few years research. We thought the timing was perfect to introduce our durable clothing products and make a contribution to a better future around the corner. The world paused in 2020 and so many people and businesses were talking about doing things differently in a refreshing grass roots style revolution.

The vision of change has faded in 2021 with more talk about a return to pre-pandmeic normality. Can you imagine the amount of time being wasted in endless meetings all over the world about how to achieve a return to normal?!

In the utopian future we imagine, conscious consumerism has become habitual and we are all very happy with a modest wardrobe. In other words we are buying less and instead spending more money on well made durable clothing and making them last longer. This is why New Plymouth clothing uses weather proof material and is constructed to last and works all year round.

Need more inspiration? Read Utopia For Realists by Rutger Bregman and watch the TV show Money Heist, we were addicted to both in 2020!

New Plymouth